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    Pro's and cons

    Independent Real Estate Agencies Vs Franchised Agencies

    Pro's and cons

    The real estate market is flooded with franchise real estate agencies but are they really any better than your independent agencies? When you plan to sell a property, the first step is to contact a reliable real estate agency. Finding the right agent is imperative to the success of the sale and the wrong agent can cost you thousands.

    Independent real estate agents have become more popular over the last 10 years or so, and for many reasons. Throughout Australia there are over 8,000 independent and franchise real estate agents and of that, over half of all real estate agencies in Australia are now independently owned. Competition is greater than ever before. With the advancements and popularity of online listings, much of the hard work that estate agents had to do previously is now obsolete.

    Independent real estate agencies can often be a better choice in terms of costs and attentiveness. With an independent real estate agency, their client portfolios are likely to be smaller which means that your property will get more attention from your agent than at a large franchise real estate agency.

    Here are some reasons that you need to hire an independent real estate professional to help you buy or sell your home:

    AFFORDABILITY The real estate market is demanding in terms of finances. You may have many other house related expenses during the sale of your property so employing an independent real estate agent is generally a cost effective avenue to take.

    PROFESSIONALISM An independent real estate agent is qualified and possesses the skill to handle all issue single handedly. Thus it makes them more efficient at handling any kind of situation with ease and expertise. They acquire an understanding of the market by the way of building personal relations with anyone and everyone.

    STRESS FREE! An independent real estate agent is very useful for people looking to buy outside their own state, city or even country. They do all the running around for you and can be present anywhere, at any time. Selling a house is definitely not an easy task. You need to meet potential buyers, travel from one place to another and handle multiple meetings and calls. An independent real estate agent reduces your effort and stress by doing all these tasks for you!

    Many people have benefitted by choosing to work with independent real estate agents. It is not possible for a potential buyer or seller to be aware of the real estate market through and through. An independent real estate agent will guide you through all the processes and help you with all the tasks from start to finish. There are many options and it can be confusing to make the right decision without the sound advice of a real estate agent. Selling a property can be hassle free and stress free when you work with the experts!

    The bottom line is that regardless of who you hire, that agent must have the experience needed to sell your property.

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