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    At Loth Estate Agents our passion has always been to match the right property with the right people. Loth Estate Agents was started with the end goal in mind – To offer great service at an affordable price and forge a strong reputation as a leader in Real Estate. As we build that reputation we also aim to build lifetime relationships with our sellers, buyers, landlords & tenants by offering professional and honest service.

    As a professional real estate agency we are always looking at innovative ways to improve our methods and use of technology so that we can deliver advanced services in the most economical ways. Whether our clients are investing, selling, buying, leasing or just looking for advice, Loth Estate Agents is always available to offer our professional services.

    We understand all the lifestyle choices people make when choosing to live in in the Brisbane region. Cafe’s, transport, shopping, safety, quiet neighborhoods and a great work life balance are just some of the many features our buyers look for when purchasing a property.

    Our core company values of honesty, efficiency, consistency, passion and commitment are the foundations that Loth Estate Agents has been built on. By focusing and building on these values Loth Estate Agents has become known as an agency that can be trusted upon and employed with confidence.



    Loth Estate Agents is a boutique real estate agency that services the entire Brisbane region. We make ourselves the experts in our service area, giving our home owners the best potential to achieve the highest return from their home or property investments.

    Founded on the vision of a single agent, Loth Estate Agents is a company with an exclusive focus. We do what we do best because of the hard work, planning and strategies our agents use to maximize the return on our clients properties.

    We also take the time to understand our customer’s needs and tailor our service to suit their individual requirements. Our passion has always been to match the right people with the right property and this passion is reflected by the way we do business.



    Upon appointing Loth Estate Agents as your preferred real estate agency, the team gets hard at work on customizing a unique sales or leasing strategy. We understand that no two properties are the same and no two owner’s requirements are the same so all our management services, property improvement suggestions, marketing tactics and sales strategies are unique and constructed to suit each owner’s properties individual requirements.

    When our buyers purchase or tenants lease a property they’re not just taking over a property, they’re moving into a suburb and everything that suburb and the surrounding suburbs has to offer. We don’t just splash around words like “Character” and “Charm”, we give our buyers and potential tenants every piece of positive information we can about the property and surrounding suburban area to maximize the sale price or rental return for our sellers and property owners.

    We take the time to explain what our buyers and potential tenants are getting when they purchase through us, giving our buyers and potential tenants the ability to see the additional benefits they receive. From schools to infrastructure, shopping centers, distance to city, public transport, crime rates, even traffic congestion are all things that we take the time to point out to our buyers and potential tenants.

    Making a decision based on the home is important, but making a decision based on the suburb is even more important. A home is usually the largest investment people make so we make sure that our buyers and potential tenants have all the positive information possible so that our sellers and landlords receive the best outcome.

    Contact us today and we would be more than happy to show you why Loth Estate Agents are the only agents you need.